Highfive Electronics

Highfive Electronics is one leading turnkey solutions provider based on EMS. It provides turnkey solutions for NB-IoT/M2M/5G/4G smart devices even you just provide your perfect idea for functions, Then you can do one thing that is waiting for prototypes/NPI/Pilot and mass production as fields following:

Smart Home

GPS Tracker/Smart Device 4G/5G

NB-IoT/Smart Energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management

Security/Safety/DLP Projector/OTT Box

Personal Electronics/Healthcare & Wellness/Wearables

Battery Management System–BMS

Industry Control



Highfive ODM

ODM of our providing is including industry design, mechanical design, electronic design, hardware design, firmware development, software development, app and platform development based on our EMS BU, fields above.

EMS has including PCB,TP, LCM, OLED, mold design and fabrication, plastic injection, metal stamping, die-casting, box-building, reliability testing, and one-stop turnkey solutions. We have design and development teams for projects as below.

Our rich experience as following Technologies


Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity

Smart RF/NFC/RF Identification/IR Control

Embedded System/Touch & Input Sensing

USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface

Smart Pico DLP Projector

Highfive DLP Projector

WVGA Pico DLP LED Projector

WVGA Pico DLP Projector

● Projection technology: DLP

●Display chip: Ti 0.23 “DMD (with off axis light machine) > 100%

● Lamp brightness: 300 ANSI lumens

● Lamp type: German OSRAM rgb-led lamp

● Brightness uniformity value: > 90%

● FOFO contrast: 400:1

● Physical resolution: WXGA 960 * 540

● 3D: support 3D function (DLP-link)

● Projection technology: DLP

● Display chip: Ti 0.45 “DMD (with off axis light machine) > 100%

● Lamp brightness: 3800 lumens/35W

● Lamp type: German OSRAM rgb-led lamp

● Brightness uniformity value: > 90%

● FOFO contrast: 2000:1

● Physical resolution: WVGA 1280 * 800

● 3D: support 3D function (DLP-link)

GPS Tracker

NB-Iot Device

Highfive provide GPRS+GPS trackers, 2G/3G/4G GPS tracker, GPRS+Beidou tracker,Plug-in and play OBD vehicle tracker, Plug-in and play OBD diagnostics vehicle tracker, intelligent terminal for real time temperature and humidity checking. Our products are widely used in positioning and tracking vehicle, personal, pet and assets.This will realize the management for vehicle, person and cargo, meanwhile the complete care for the elder and child. You will also enjoy the service of internet platform and smart phone APP for your GPS tracker.

Smart Security monitoring system: the NB IOT system is network with local memory 24 hours video, offsite can be through the internet devices or computers to monitor the the operation of smart home, then you can get any information with home monitoring screen. The network system comes with a wire/wireless alarm module, matching wire/wireless sensors, detectors, smoke detectors, wire/wireless alarm devices, the system will automatically alarming and sending SMS, at the same time, the local will produce sound the siren.

Personal Electronics

Wireless Connectivity

Personal portable projector, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, VR, Smart health watch, pedometer, Portable music player, Sports DV, Portable network player, Smart Water Cup. Power Bank, etc.

3D printer,Home sweeper, Smart door lock, Smart Curtain, Family safety doorbell, Home audio device, Smart LED light, Intelligence socket, Smart power switch, etc.

BMS Solutions

Smart Home

BMS-Dynamic monitoring of the working state of the battery pack, real-time collection of the voltage, current and temperature of the battery pack and single cell, to prevent overcharge or over discharge of the battery. At the same time, it can judge the battery condition and pick out the problem battery to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the whole battery operation. In addition, the use history files of each battery should be established to provide data for further optimization and development of new electricity, chargers, motors, etc., and provide basis for off-line analysis of system faults.

Smart home system includes eight subsystems: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system . Home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system, etc. Among them, including data security management system), home lighting control system, home security system are necessary systems, home wiring system, home network system, background music system, home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system.

Fully automatic Assembly & Box-building Line

Highfive have fully automatic assembly and box-building to some projects that is matched the automatic line.

TP + LCM Special Attributes

Effective and pragmatic communication management team

High Precision Fitting Technology
Industry-class fully automated production equipment
15 + Years R&D team
Flexible Capacity Allocation Support Customer Mix-Production
The stable yield was 99.5%.
100%d Delivery rate is 100%.