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Hardware Design

Field of Turnkey Solutions (This is not an inclusive list)

  • Home Application
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Personal Electronics
  • Smart Energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management
  • Security/Safety
  • Healthcare & Wellness/Wearables
  • Industry Control
  • Wi-FI
  • Smart RF/RF Identification
  • IR Control
  • Embedded System
  • USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface
  • Touch & Input Sensing
  • Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity

Hardware development is generally divided into: schematic design, circuit design, PCB board design, test board production, functional testing, stability testing, small batch production, formal delivery or formal use of the market.

Design flow:

1. Make clear the overall requirements of the hardware, such as CPU processing capacity, storage capacity and speed, I/O port allocation, interface requirements, level requirements, special circuit requirements, etc.

2. According to the demand analysis plan to develop the hardware, seek the key device and technical information, technical means, technical support, to fully consider the technical feasibility, reliability and cost control, and put forward clear requirements for the development of debugging tools, key devices to obtain samples.

3. For hardware detailed design, including drawing hardware schematics, single board functional diagram and coding, PCB wiring, at the same time complete the development of BOM, production documents (Gerber), material requisition.

4. Back to the PCB board and the material arrangement of welding 2 ~ 4 boards, single board debugging, each function of the principle in the design of the test, when necessary to modify the principle diagram and record.

5. Hardware and software system, the general single board needs hardware personnel, single board software personnel coordination, after the single board debugging, in principle and PCB wiring adjustment, need second cast board.

6., Internal acceptance and transfer test, production trial, tracking the problem of production line, actively assist production line to solve problems, improve the rate of good, paving the way for mass production.

7. Small batch production. After the acceptance of the product, a small batch production, to find out the production process, testing process, for mass production to prepare.

8. Mass production. After a small number of production verification, a full range of electronic product development, testing, production processes are no problem, you can begin mass production.

Response file requirements for each link:

1, Hardware requirements manual

Hardware requirements specification is the description of the hardware development goals, basic functions, basic configuration, main performance index, operating environment, constraints and development funds and schedule requirements, it is based on the requirements of product specifications and system requirements specification. It is the basis for the overall design of hardware and the formulation of hardware development plans. Specific written content: the basic functions, and use of network hardware systems engineering of the overall system and the main performance index, hardware system and main performance index and division of function module.

2 、 Hardware overall design report

The overall hardware design report is the report of the overall design according to the requirements specification. It is the basis for the detailed design of the hardware. Writing the hardware overall design report should include the following:

The overall structure and function partition of the system, logic diagram of system logic diagram, system function modules, circuit diagram and single plate, single board logic diagram and the circuit diagram, and the reliability, safety, electromagnetic compatibility is discussed and the hardware test program etc..

3, Single board overall design

This document should be laid down in the overall design scheme of the single board, the overall design scheme of single board should contain a single board version, single board machine in the position, development objective and main function, single board and single board function description logic diagram and the function module, the single board software function description and function module partition, interface simple definition and related board, main performance, power consumption and standard.

4, single board hardware detail design

When the single board hardware enters into the detailed design stage, a detailed report of the hardware design of the single board should be submitted. In the hardware design mainly includes: with single board logic diagram and each function module in detail, each functional module, address allocation, control mode, interface, memory space, interrupt mode, interface pin signal timing instructions, detailed definition, performance index, lights, wiring, definition programmable device diagram, function module description, principle diagram, with BOM and single board testing and debugging program. Sometimes a single board hardware and software respectively by two developers, so it provides a detailed guide single board hardware design in detail for software designers, so the single board hardware design report is very important. Especially the address allocation, control mode, interface mode and interrupt mode are the basis of the single board software, and must be written in detail.

5, Single board software detailed design

At the completion of the single board software design should be completed after the single board software detailed design report, complete list of the board software programming language in the report, the compiler debugging environment, hardware description and functional requirements and data structure etc.. Special emphasis is placed on detailed design details, including interrupts, main programs, subroutines, access parameters, exit parameters, local variables, function calls, and flow charts. In the description of the communication protocol, the physical layer, the link layer protocol, and the high-level communication protocol are defined which documents to define.

6 、 Single board hardware process debugging document

In the process of development, each cast PCB board, the Engineer shall submit a document, in order to understand the progress of the management, evaluation, in addition to other related engineers left a valuable technical document. This document should be produced every time the PCB board is thrown. This document should include the following contents: single board hardware function module division, single board hardware module debugging progress, debugging problems and solutions, raw data records, systems

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